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Evolution International School




Kindergarten education plays an important role in the development and growth of a child. Our brain develops the vast majority of its neurons, and is at its most receptive stage and linking early intervention of both cognitive and socio-emotional gain has fueled the escalation of early childhood. We at Toy Joy Hut (Pre-primary wing of Evolution International School), maintain appropriate environment for the developmental needs at the preliminary stages.
Toy Joy Hut is the soul of the schooling span. Here, we nurture good habits, moral values and effective speaking skills which is helpful to our stars in whole life  At this tender age, we try to lay stress not only on the Intellectual development of the child but also on the all-round development. To, making learning interactive, interesting and creative, we have framed our curriculum full of activities and innovative techniques that it becomes the most cherished experience for the little ones.

The Knowledge delivered through innovative learning, activities, plays an integral role in the learning process. Cultivation of all the 3 dimension of mind, body & soul is the real education imparted here. Imparting Education through E-learning [Smart Boards], we believe that the knowledge imparted should be activity based. The Joy Kids of Nursery gain knowledge in a play-way manner method.