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Evolution International School


Mission Vision

Mission Vision


  • To prepare enlightened educational practioners & innovative leaders.
  • Facilitate the students to develop their multiple intelligence & work to enhance their self-esteem. The school provides high quality facilities, healthy environment, and quality infrastructure & well designed support services.
  • To motivate the students to be compassionate & to empathise with the needy.
  • To instil in students the value of dignity of labour, simplicity of life & promote community service.
  • To guide the students to seek knowledge that leads to discovery of new avenues & develop creative thinking & analytical skills.
  • To sensitize towards the community & work for the nation with patriotic zeal.


EIS visualises its students as one who -

  • Excels academically
  • Values relations
  • Observes good manners
  • Leads
  • Urges others to be receptive to      learning
  • Truthful
  • Inspiration to others
  • Often cheerful & smiling
  • Never gives up