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Evolving Education, Carving Character

Appreciation Note for EIS

We, parents of Komal want to take this opportunity to thank the school management & teachers for doing such a wonderful job with Komal by making her participate in Dance Competition and helping her to excel in her area of interest.

- Pragati Soni

Great Atmosphere

With so many extra-curricular activities, academics are always up to the mark. Appreciate school's efforts.

- Rajat Joshi

Overall development

I'm happy to see my child become a multitasker. After joining this school, he has developed a habit of reading books. I'm thankful to the school for encouraging reading habits in students.

- Nileema Chaudhary

Students are in safe hands

"School has a nice arrangement of transportation and medical facility, i am lucky to find EIS for my angel. I get prompt response of my queries"

- Supriya Singhi

Fabulous Infrastructure

"I am surprise to see the school campus, with its own football ground and other sports fields, peaceful area and surrounded with greenery; gives a amazing environment to students"

- N.K. Agarwal

Ameliorating My Strength

I have been in teaching since 2010. Before I joined EIS, I never got the opportunity to ameliorate my strength. But at EIS I got an opportunity to enhance my personality and talent through various workshops and Hi tech teaching aids.

- Saraswati Sharma - Teacher at EIS


Our family is thankful to EIS for giving opportunity to children in different co-curriculum activities. This effort encouraged my children and they become more confident. We can’t believe that Tanisha can dance so well.


Our Policy

Feather Light Bag

At EIS it is assured that the parents / guardians and the Students; none of them is burdened with heavy home task, so has feather light bag to carry. “The child is happy go lucky”.

At home its playtime

Our child does the learning in a playful manner, saves it in his/her brain and carries it along. Thus, does not need a tutor to revise whatever has been learnt at school. Extra classes provided to students in school at no extra cost.

Skill based learning

It is our firm belief that each child has unique inherent talents within him/her, which need to be identified, encouraged and honed. We provide different platforms for our student to exhale and test their skills and abilities.

About EIS

Evolution International School is the ideal place from where the child evolves as a complete holistic individual with values such as sincerity, solidarity and fearlessness instilled in depth. EIS is preparing its children so that they can assess their skills and learn to facilitate learning and promote personal excellence.

“Our child is not taught, he is educated”. Right from the level one EIS is bringing them up in a manner so that they can create a culture of care and community where students learn to support one another and take responsibility of each other and the community as a whole.

EIS believe that sports and games are integral part of a student life. A student should study hard to be successful. At the same time he should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life. For this, EIS campus provides a huge play field.

EIS campus has air conditioned classrooms, well equipped Labs where students get learning environment. EIS believes in aiming for personal excellence and citizenship.

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