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The most important goal during the middle school years is for a child to develop as a good human being to ensure this goal a variety of activities at this stage of schooling are made available, including participating in cultural programmes, organising events, travelling to places outside the school, providing experiences to develop socially and emotionally into creative and confident individuals sensitive to others and capable of taking initiative and responsibilities.
All these areas of development made available to all children. Care is taken to ensure that the curriculum does not reinforce stereotypes.

Activities Involved

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Picnic
  • Education Tour
  • Science Exhibition
  • Art Exhibition
  • Inter School Competition
  • Entertainment
  • Various Competition
  • Cultural Activities
  • Visits: Fire Station / Metro Station / Akshay Patra / Army Cantt Area / Birla Auditorium / Albert Hall